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Video games starts

The first was a computer game Spacewar! from 1961. the year that they have designed two students Massachussetskog Institute of technology (MIT), according to the scientific-a fantastic story of a Skylark.

The first generation of video games consisted of text games. These were the games in which the player manually brought the commandments and so determined where it wants to move. The second generation of video games represented a mixture of text games and games with static graphics. The leading genre in the ' 70s and ' 80s for years 20. the century they were text adventures. The first text adventure was Adventure (Crowther and Woods 1976), made 15 years after Spacewara.

With the development of the technology of the computer have become strong enough to render moving objects, so that led to the occurrence of new genres such as the simulation of flying and driving a car. Also there has been an improvement of the existing genres.

In the early 1990s development house Apogee Software was created by the demo versions of the games, players to the first part of the game, try it for free, but they are for the rest of the games had to pay. For Ourworlds cheats check the website here.
How is the hardware has evolved, so the games became more complex. Computers of the 80s years was already strong enough to launch a game with great graphics, so there has been a period of graphic adventure games. With the arrival of the mouse to the text interface has been replaced with a graphic. They are so in the eighties strategy games has taken the title of the most popular

While processors are leading Sega and Nintendo consoles were working on a frequency between 3 and 7 MHz, 486 PC CPU has worked on many major MHz 66 allowed him to make a much larger number of budget in seconds. in 1993 id Software has released FPS Doom who was a breakpoint in graphics and design.

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